DadCast Episode 29 • The Clean Show

Nearly Live From The Wendy House Studios of Valois Bay…

This week the Dads return with a Clean tag, but that doesn’t mean they are not pissed about something. Francois finally kicks Bell to the curb, Ben hits out at big Box stores while Steve and Eric get their Geek ON about on-site/off-site back-ups and the merits of

As we rant about poor service it’s also important to point out those who do customer service right:
Dave @ Griffin Technologies
Rogers Miranda and Rogers Elise

As well as the Twitter All-Stars for product we love using:
Cabel Sasser of Panic Software (Transmit)
Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software (MarsEdit)
Matt Mullenweg of

Once again we’d like to thank this week’s sponsor J!nx for helping to make the show possible.

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