The Dads

We are the the ones in charge…
When mum pops out,
We are the ones on the couch,
We are the ones at the grill,
We are the ones that drank all the beer,
… And We ate all the pies.

Somebody on the Internet is wrong.

Doodie Calls! --comic from

I started the 2FatDads site with Steph almost 5 years ago and before that we probably wasted a couple weeks wages contemplating the idea of doing something cool on the web. It’s come a long way from being a funny bobble headed homepage in jest then eventually a cool slide show in iWeb. I graduated the site from self hosted Blogger to self hosted WordPress last year as I transitioned from ASP 3.0 (Classic) to PHP/MySQL (LAMP 4 us Geeks). We lost some Dads along the way, and although this saddened me, it also made me re-think the direction of the site a few times. The one thing we all have in common apart from having kids (all boys BTW) under the age of 2, is that we all get a little annoyed when someone on the Internet is wrong.

Now in it’s sixth regeneration, (only 7 more to go), we, the [TWO Fat Dads], have been lucky enough to enlist a few good [TOO Fat Dads]. Whether through bribery, cold Canadian beer, or the promise of more diapers along their gadget, tech and geek quests, we couldn’t be happier to share their journey. It’s the one thing that unites us all and keeps us from going insane at two in the morning.

Francois Fortier

Chief Executive Dad

I'm a web developer, a techie, a geek and media junkie, a Montrealer and one of 2 Fat Dads. I blog on a semi-regular basis over at and I Tweet far too often about the Habs, Technology, being...

Stephane Denault


A Hard Rocker, WoW gamer, Lego Builder and the other one of the Fat Dads. I'm planning on working to get rid of the fat part sometime in the coming decade. I'm totally addicted to recycling and composting. I'm currently...

Eric Schultz


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Steven McGurn


A Montreal based software developer by trade, father of 2 boys, happily married to an equally gadget hungry and amazing wife. So that's the bullet description. I'm also an avid reader, play in a 20+ baseball league, am passionate about...