How can I post to Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook at the Same Time?

WordPress Social Sharing

a.k.a. Why are the social networks so anti-social towards each other?

a.k.a. Yet another diatribe on the dichotomy of Google.

We’ve all been in this situation: we’ve got a bunch of friends on Facebook; another bunch on Twitter, and a couple on Google+ (but if you’ve still got friends using MySpaceOrkut, or AOL I’m afraid I can’t help you). Now how do you share your words of wisdom, pithy commentary on life, and hilarious snap-shots with all your friends? You don’t want to neglect anyone but it’s a lot of effort post and re-post.

TL, DR; Use WordPress! Either or install your own from You can link to all your social networks and the world (wide web) is your stage. Tumblr is a close second, and so is Flickr quite frankly (just use Ctrl+Enter to split your paragraphs)!

I’m a blogger. I like Twitter for it’s brevity and photos for capturing the moment but I really like blogging. I’m a google-naut so I’ve had a Blog Spot blog on Blogger for eternity. But I’ve also tried MySpace, Facebook (Notes were akin to a blog), PosterousTumblrNewsvine, WordPress, and others I’m sure.

As much as I write for myself it’s kind of nice if other people read what I write too. That used to mean they’d find my blog from another blog or a search and they would subscribe to the RSS feed (or Feed Burner‘s courteous e-mails) to receive new posts.

But RSS is soooooo 2013! These days sharing my wisdom requires posting a link on social media.

Tumblr works quite well, and integrates with Twitter and Facebook. Although in terms of a blog Tumblr focuses more on social sharing than individual blogging. For my purposes that would suit me fine since most people comment on Facebook and Twitter (and Google+) anyways but Tumblr would be a nice central repository of my shares. Unfortunately it lacks automatic Google+ integration (with a few extra taps its possible to do manually). You can use the best paraphrasing tool 2020 to make your articles more professional.

You would expect Blogger to be the best of the bunch since it was the king of blogs, but they removed Twitter and Facebook integration and replaced it with Google+ integration. You can always use Feed Burner to get yourself onto Twitter but Feed Burner is not Blogger. And Google+ integration only works when you use the web site to post – it doesn’t work when you use the Blogger Android app.

So not only doesn’t Blogger have the basic integration of other platforms but the integration with their own social network doesn’t work properly either! Sometimes I’m amazed by all the things Google does; but at times like this I wish they would concentrate on getting at least one thing completely working.

So that brings me to WordPress. It’s a solid blogging platform that’s been around almost as long as Blogger has. They integrate with Facebook, Google+, and Twitter as well as Linked InPath, and Tumblr (I’m not sure how they chose their integration but those six are probably the most popular in North America). Their mobile blogging app works really well, and although the interface may seem a bit complicated it’s necessary to provide so many features.

So the 2 Fat Dad’s Big Fat verdict on the best blogging platform to use is WordPress.

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