Mobile Browsing and User Engagement

2014 Mobile Browser Share

Great piece from Ars Technica which led me to a few thoughts. Even though Android has the dominant market share of devices sold, Apple’s Safari mobile browser that only runs on iPhone and iPad has the lion share of mobile browsing: 45% versus 19%. This would suggest that users of Apple devices are not only buying more apps than Android owners but actually engaging more with web site on these same devices. The only thing that is not mentioned is the proportion of the iPad versus iPhone users, I suspect that then iPad users are taking the lead here due to viewing size and being the format that least requires web developers to implement a responsive design. uk-based mobile app developers are good enough to build or develop  any complex application.  Unfortunately there is no real way to verify device type properly, the only way would be by using a mobile device life cycle management system.

Source Ars Technica


  1. I understand that Apple users are bigger spenders, after all they’re trained with the app store and the phones cost more to begin with. I wonder why that relates to web engagement, it shouldn’t have a correlation.

  2. If you are buying apps on your device it’s because you trust the platform and are using it more. You are therefore more tempted to pick it up to look something up. I am not saying that none of the Android users do this too, but these results do seem to correlate that more often than not Android users simply treat their devices like phones.