You Had Me At Coda Notes

Coda Notes.jpgPanic Blog » Coda Notes for Safari: Now Available!:

“At long last! Coda Notes, a fun Safari Extension we introduced at this year’s WWDC, is now officially available for download!
To recap, the idea is this: Coda is a great tool for web developers. But how can we make life easier for the web client, or the marketing person, or the person not developing the website but who still has a hand in the process? The person who has to give notes and ideas on web development?”

It’s no secret that I have been a long time Dreamweaver user and have always loved it’s ability to bridge design and code with the click of a toolbar button, however this morning I made a radical decision of kicking the 400 pound gorilla in the balls and running like hell over to the Coda Monkeys at Panic (not in a panic). Why Coda? Quite simply it is super-fast and very elegant. It integrates beautifully into Transmit (my default FTP client) has a top notch CSS editor and includes all the documentation you could need simply by CTRL double clicking a tag (check out this awesome video to see how and more). You know what you should give it a 30 day trial to see what I mean. And it’s not 30 consecutive days either. Simply put any 30 days you actually launch the app. You gotta love that.

Coda Notes just made my workflow so much simpler.

So now with the release of Coda Notes for Safari I can work with our designers and my lead developer and simply insert notes over the web page like I used to do in Preview after taking a screenshot, annotating it and then turning into a PDF. Coda Notes just made my workflow so much simpler. And now that I have discovered Coda Plugins and the ability, not to mention ease of use in making them my self, there really is no reason to use Dreamweaver again. In the future I will probably float between TextMate and Coda depending on the size of the task. With most of the heavy stuff going to Coda.

A Big Thanks to Cabel and the Panic Team for finally weening me off my Adobe addiction, now if only our designers could get to grips with Pixelmator, I could totally ditch Photoshop too.