John Gruber and The Verge on Native Apps

The intersection of exquisitely-crafted native apps with ubiquitous networking and cloud-backed storage.  [..] Used to be that native apps felt best but anchored your data to the device, and web apps running in a browser offered you ubiquitous access to your data but had a crummy front-end experience. We’re getting to a point now where you don’t have to compromise.

This is one of the best interviews I’ve read in a long time and that exact quote is something I have been trying to formulate for a long time for a project that is a little slow to start. Looks like I might have to put Heir Gruber on the books, I wonder he minds getting paid in Loonies.

And props to the guys on the verge for an excellent site and a great launch.

via 5 Minutes on The Verge: John Gruber | The Verge.