Ars Gets Hands On With Diet Coda

>The Diet Coda application seems to have been tailored [..] for quick editing on the fly. The application gives you a frictionless way to get into your Web content and start making changes without having to jump through a lot of hoops. It’s especially effective for users who are working with a lot of static HTML content.

via [Ars Technica](

Ars Technica has put in a fantastic review of Diet Coda, the iPad version of Panic Software’s award-winning Coda development suite. I through out my copy of Dreamweaver a few years back and opted for developing in Coda for the Mac alone. It’s been an awesome experience and I’m glad to have made the switch. Now Diet Coda allows me to quickly access some of my sites and make important critical updates when I know I’m going to be me miles away from my MacBook. It’s also going to be my only way to get access to my sites and make edit when I’m at work, a PC only zone.

You can get Diet Coda from the [iTunes App Store here]( and you can find out more about Diet Coda on the [Panic site here](