Happy Holidays from The Dads

On behalf of all the Dads, I would like to wish you all a very Happy Holiday season. We had a great year filled with DadCasts, European Adventures, new starts, milestones and some pretty great posts. So let’s recap it all…

Rink in afternoon - Dec 18 2010

Rink in afternoon - Dec 18 2010

In January, Steve and I returned from our separate European Adventures, he went to Switzerland and I spent Christmas and New Years in Blightie. The rest of the month was actually pretty quiet, we released a couple of DadCasts and were grateful to have our
listeners record some Holiday Cheers for us too. We were also very lucky to have Memphis-Super-Dad-Stephen Hackett return to the DadCast and wax Apple with us.

February was not such a great month for some of us, I was laid off and decided it was time to make a break from professional web development and throw my hat into the Big Corp IT field as a Mobility Specialist. I was unemployed with four kids and a mortgage for exactly 5 weeks, never having to dip into employment insurance. For that I am
ever so grateful, the Friends of the DadCast were amazing during this time and lined me up with more interviews than I could actually attend.

By March, all of the Dads were employed again and the DadCast was put on hold while we all tried to fight off colds, pneumonia and the sudden reality of a daily commute. By the way, trains rock! I don’t know how the rest of you survive a daily drive in to mad cities like Montreal. Stephane’s new rink had now been turned into a curling club
and all the high society Men with Brooms were hanging out there. This is also the month I finally got an iPad, two weeks before the iPad 2 was released mind you.

April saw us get back into the swing of DadCasting and also saw us return to more regular blog posts. Mostly because I was now using iOS @ Work rather than OS X @ Work. This was a huge deal in itself as I had managed to bring a non BlackBerry or Windows device into an enterprise and not get lynched. However, this is also the month where someone handed me a PlayBook and my expertise as mobility specialist was put to the test. Looking back at my initial assessment of the doomed tablet, I think that I was actually too kind to it.

May and June brought on more tablets: The Windows7 HP slate, a few Android devices and lots of playtime with the iPad 2 and the PlayBook. Yes I was still being forced to make this thing work in the Enterprise where is clearly did not belong. We manage to release one more DadCast before the summer break. At one point Eric won himself an Xperia Arc from Rogers but never managed to get it activated on his own hellish

We WERE on a BREAK!July and August were devoted to our families and our respective community pools, soccer clubs, T-Ball teams and summer vacations. We posted a few articles, got some new toys and gadgets. We tried to put together a Summer BBQ show, but every time we got together and had a beer, we’d forget to roll any tape. Although Steve and I did toy with the notion of recording our daily commute, background station
announcements and all.

September was a slow start, and although we finally managed to get show 40 out the door with two new awesome sponsor, life suddenly got really busy. Steph started his PMI training and even his WoW gaming schedule suffered, Eric began working downtown almost every day, Steve practically got promoted to Director of Awesome, even though his new task weren’t always so awesome. Ben’s work schedule wasn’t very DadCast friendly and his need to finish renovations before winter set in, made us think that
he needed to be less grasshopper and more ant like (we hear that he made it).

I know what you did last summer....

October saw more tablets, Steve now had an iPad2, our buddy Alistar had an Asus Transformer, I was still testing various Galaxy Tabs and even managed to pick up HP TouchPad for Missus C’s birthday. Now let me just set the record straight, for what it does and the $105CDN price tag, it’s a pretty decent tablet that does email, web, Skype and Angry Birds pretty damn well. Would I use one at work? NO. But Missus
C loves it and yes she has used an iPad and knows the difference. This month was also ‘trade up the iPhone 3GS for a 4S month’ for Steve and I, in fact this phone is so good, that we invited Stephen Hackett back on the DadCast to give it a proper review.

By November, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would not make the 1000km cycle to work challenge that I had set for myself in September; I actually missed it my 275km. But I also decided that I would start in April next year and push for 8000km, check back with me in November 2012. Steph finally released his WoW Gaming Rig review and Eric finally got his Xperia rooted and hacked to work on his network, pesky network locks. Ben finally got back to posting with a great DIY USB cable repair.

December saw some of us hit 40, cough cough Steph ahem… and the rest of us scramble to finish our projects before the year-end. Yet another Galaxy Tab (8.9) landed on my desk, this one has LTE but no Ice-Cream Sandwich. I still can’t figure out what the hell these guys are doing but it sure looks like releasing at least one product a month to keep Apple legal busy is part of it. One of the big milestones to occur is that Steph finally got an Apple product, he got himself an iPad2!!! Welcome to the other side!

We had some great times this year and hope to get back into DadCasting on a regular basis in 2012. Thank you all for stopping by on a regular basis, for reading our rants & prose and for listening to us ramble on like a bunch of Fat Dads.