On Moving From Tumblr to WordPress

From Tumblr to WordPress: The Missing Guide — Ian P. Hines:

“This isn’t a process for everyone—I know that. But if you’re like me, and are willing to add a bit of friction to your work-flow in exchange for reliability and control, then I strongly suggest you spend the time to move to WordPress. “

Funny enough, this is exactly what I had to go through in order to move my goofing off site JohnnyLeCanuck.com from Tumblr to my own WordPress Multisite install. I admit that it was a lot of work to try and re-create my Tumblr lay out using Twenty-Ten child themes rather that hacking together a whole new template. I must admit I had a low of fun doing it, and it allowed me to get up to speed with child themes as I should have done back in June.

A word of warning about the JohnnyLeCanuck.com:

I don’t make it a habit of “Liking” stuff unless I have to say something about it, but I do like to share… Sharing is good right? (thing I remembered from Kindergarten) So JohnnyLeCanuck is my sharing site with lots of very silly videos, pictures and links to all things geeky, childish and funny where sometimes a little bit of Canadian pride will seep in too. It’s probably not very suitable for your workplace, but it you have an open mind and good sense of humour, you should like it.

(Via Forkbombr.)