DadCast Episode 14 – The Big Ranting Canuck

The Big Ranting Canuck,

Nearly Live from the Wendyhouse Studios of Valois Bay…

This week we announce our new sponsors: Audible and we talk about some great customer service from Pentax, some pretty appalling follow tactics by Tweetphoto, the eminent I5 chipped MacBooks Pros and the Steve Jobs recent flurry of emails.

Hopefully we’ll see you all at the Twestival tonight.

Show Note Links:
Our Audible page:
The new Stuff Section
Montreal Twestival:
@Schulzter’s Awesome Point & Shoot DoF pic:
The original SLR post:
@JohnnyCanuck Shot of the Moon:
Merlin Mann talk about how silly Canon’s Web site is:
Steve Jobs Flurry of Emails:

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