Instagram: Version 2.1

Instagram is still one of my favourite apps on the iPhone, over the past year it has made it to my home screen and become my default photo app outside of the lock screen camera access which I have used quite a lot this winter. I’ve use to get a real kick out the X-Pro II, the Lo-fi and the Inkwell filter. My Statigram stats say about the same thing and point out that almost half the pics I post are without filter.

What I really liked about Instagram is the ability of to save photo directly to Flickr, post them to Twitter and allow you to check in to Foursquare. It also does a good job with Tumblr and a Facebook, but since I’ve pretty much stopped using Tumblr and refuse to connect anything to Facebook, I can not comment on how those services work. However, Instagram does connect with and that is how I post photos to The new version is very cool, the layout is slick and clean. They have also made notifications work tighter with the app and appear to have finally resolve the issue where you couldn’t remove an old follow request.

The addition of the Lux tool (GIF above) is also a huge boost to the app, since you can now make simple brightness and contrast adjustment à la Magic Wand without having to apply a filter to compensate. This might mean less use of the xPro and Lo-fi filters for me but should make the quality of the pics for the older iPhones (3GS, 4).

On a side note there are rumours of an impending Android and Windows Phone app, but since the lens quality of these phones are so diverse the resulting app might not seem as appealing as it does on the iPhone. Either way I’m sure one of the Dads will review it either when it comes out.

via Instagram • Update: What’s New in Version 2.1.