DadCast Episode 33 1/3 • Podcasting 101: Shirley, You Can’t be Serious

I Am Serious and Don’t Call Me Shirley!

Nearly Live on Canadian National Day of Podcasting…

We wanted to mark this most awesome celebration of Canadiana to not only pay honour to Leslie Nielsen but also to give back to the Podcasting community that have been listening to our shows and supporting the DadCast by going over some of the basic of podcasting and sharing a few tips about how we put our own show together. Starting with capturing clean audio and monitoring your inputs to levelling you tracks and making your editing life a little easier, our how-to discussion also delves into the smaller things that make up a good show. We hope you enjoy it and if you would like to hear us do this again at PodCamp Montreal 2011, please leave us your comments below.

Some of the products we talked about in our show:

The Basic Set-Up

The Pro Mic Setup


Desks or Interfaces

Field Recorders

Studio Extras

Software Mentioned:
Adobe Audition
Wiretap Studio
Audio HighJack Pro
Skype Call Recorder

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