Reeder for Mac Beta 1 Out -via Forkbombr

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ForkBombr — Reeder for Mac Beta 1 Out:

“Reeder for Mac — a desktop version of the poplar iOS Google Reader app — is here, in beta form at least.

The app looks like its mobile counterpart, complete with a services menu and big buttons. It uses the same keyboard shortcuts as Google Reader does in the browser, which is wonderful. Simply wonderful.

However, I’m not certain that Mac apps should be look so much like iOS apps. I guess the Mac App Store and OS X Lion will probably prove me wrong here. Until then, go check it out.”

I very rarely re-blog an entire posts from another blog, but in this case I think that Stephen will forgive me as we have both been waiting a long time for this one. The most awesomest RSS reader app for iPhone and iPad has finally been released as a full blown Mac OS X app. Let me just say that it is just so… gorgeous. Lean, clean simple and very very easy to surf through all your RSS feeds just like on the iDevices. The only thing missing from it and I’m pretty sure these guys are already talking to Daniel Jalkut at about it, that is Mars Edit integration via a toolbar button. However I’m pretty sure that someone will either come up with a little apple script through services or I’ll just get busy and do it myself.