DadCast Episode 32 • In Loudest Din or Hush Profound

The Man Without Fear

Nearly Live From The Wendyhouse Studio of Valois Bay…

Fear Overcome

In part two of the last week’s show the remaining Dads continue to struggle with Ben’s Skype issue while dissecting the Green Lantern trailer and giving Francois a crash course in The Green Lantern Corp lore. We also look at the the Cars 2 trailer, Mater’s Tall Tales and the Teletoon Retro channel. Steve talks about his experience at SkyVenture, his upcomming PMP exam and why he’s missing Santa’s Parade…

The Dads are making an appearance at this year’s CupcakeCamp Montreal this weekend, Nov 21, form 1-5 at the Fairmount Queen Elisabeth Hotel, Montreal. We hope to see you there, we’ll be the ones with too many kids and helping out with the mics an webcams.

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