Cup Cake Camp Montreal, a.k.a. Sugar Rush Sunday

It shouldn’t be Cup Cake Camp, they should call it Sugar Rush Sunday!

We decided to make an event of it, we took the train and walked up to the Queen Elizabeth hotel for around 12:45pm.  Plenty of time I figured since the doors opened at 1pm.

When we got there the doorman (apparently an honest one not sitting in jail for extorting money from cabbies) informed the “line has already formed.”  The “line” I wondered, there’s a line-up for cup cakes?!  What have I gotten myself into!?

Apparently Cup Cake Camp Montreal is a premier fund raising event, the number of people attending was insanity!!!  For cup cakes!!! Well, okay for Kids Help Phone and Tablée des Chefs but we were all there to eat cup cakes!

My kids had a blast, a sugar rush blast.  Every cup cake was their favourite, but in the end managed to choose only a couple a bring home and one to eat there.  I couldn’t get over the elaborate decorations and designs the chefs were able to create with icing sugar; and the amount of effort that must have gone into making all the cup cakes they donated to this event.

Many thanks to the organizers, the volunteers, and all the sponsors for great, unique, event.

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