DadCast Episode 28 • The Green Lantern of Valois Bay

Nearly Live From The Wendyhouse Studios of Valois Bay…

In part two of this week’s show with Pier-Luc Petitclerc we continue our left turn from the show notes and revisit our childhood superheroes on the silver screen, take a closer look at the Montreal Tech Scene and the growing popularity of co-working locations like Station-C, Notman House and Café Laïka.

On this week’s show:
Francois Fortier, Stephane Denault, Steven McGurn, Eric Schultz, Ben Bilodeau and Guest Pier-Luc Petitclerc

Once again we’d like to thank this week’s sponsor Audible for helping to make the show possible.

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  1. The Wendyhouse looks great with a coat of white paint – hopefully having the wood stacked right outside will save us from relying on a stack of old PIII’s running SETI@Home for heating!!!

  2. Here are the links to the movies we praise or slam. I intentionally left out Driving Miss Daisy and Mama Mia.

    Batman Returns Forever 4 Begins Dark Knight Machinist Psycho II III IV: The Quest for Peace Returns Lantern Punisher Punisher War Zone X2 The Last Stand Origins: Wolverine 2 3 Four Watchmen City Spirit & Louise