Is it Too Little, Too Late for hp Palm?

Five future Palm devices pop up in webOS 2.0 code? | BGR:

“Well, the folks over at WebOS Internals have been pouring through SFR’s webOS 2.0 code and have stumbled upon five device code-names: Stingray, Mantaray, Broadway, Windsor and Roadrunner (Palm Pre 2). “

I often wonder if the ship has sailed for Palm WebOS. The launch was less than spectacular and the take up on the devices was also pretty poor. And to top it all off they were bought by another company that doesn’t really know where it’s going in this field. Hp did very little to further the iPAQ brand, releasing serial failures of Moto Q clones. Their netbooks efforts have been abysmal and even on the on the Desktop/Notebook side of the business, they continue to confuse customers with never ending variants of the same machines under both Compaq and hp brands. Unless they come up with something as awesome as the original Handspring Treo 90, they should just give HTC or Samsung a call and try to make a deal.

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  1. I thought they were going to use WebOS on their networked devices, not (just) Smartphones. As a matter of fact I seem to remember a VP pretty bluntly stating there would be no more WebOS smart phones until some one from marketing jumped in front of that bullet!I re-iterate, we don’t need ANOTHER mobile/smart-phone OS. Competition is great, but if everyone is working in their own little corner is not going to help. There needs to be some rationalization. Let’s leave iOS and Android where they are, and forget about Blackberry (they live in their own world, they can either join the party and distribute Blackberry Connect software for other OSes – like they did with some Nokias – or they continue to pretend they’re the only party in town). Finally we’ll decide on adding either Symbian, Windows something-or-other 7, or Meego to the mix. I say Symbian cuz we’ve already got a Linux based OS and lord knows I have no faith anything Microsoft (so basically lesser of three evils).