DadCast Episode 26 • The Lion In Waiting

Stephen Hackett's Dog Cow Tattoo

Stephen Hackett's Dog Cow Tattoo - Photo by iSMH on Flickr

Nearly Live from the WendyHouse Studios of Valois Bay…

This week we have the pleasure of being joined by with our first ever special guest dad: Stephen Hackett of founder of, guest writer for and all around awesome dad of two great kids. Stephen joins us to discuss this week’s “Back to the Mac” announcement from Apple where they revealed the new release of Mac OS X: Lion, iLife, the Mac App Store and the super thin, super slick new MacBook Air.

Links from the Show:
Stephen Hackett’s ForkBombr discussion with Ben Brooks on the MacBook Air.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball on the Untitled Document Syndrome.

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