DadCast Episode 25 • You’re Not in Kansas Anymore McGoo

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Nearly Live From the WendyHouse Studios of Valois Bay…

Just ahead of the big Apple “Back to the Mac” announcement on October 20th that may or may not be about a new OS. The rumour mill has it that it should be 10.7 and not simply an incremental dot release. We should point out that the entire rumour is based on the Lion poking it’s snout out from behind the Apple logo in the announcement. As we recorded the show on Wednesday night, the 13th of October, Apple stock Price also surpassed $300.00. So after reviewing the state of Apple’s competition, we dress down the Win Phone 7 announcement and catch up on how McGoo is taking to his new Kindle.

We’re also quite excited to announce that Stephen Hackett founder of will joining us on the 20th for our Apple review.

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