DadCast Episode 24 • Spinning Meatloaf on Tuesdays

Photo by Blausky

Nearly Live From The Wendyhouse Studios of Valois Bay…

We continue were we left off form last week’s show with as Francois was accusing Steve of being a Digg Apologist, which ends up becoming a review on the state of PodCasting. We review what we used to keep in iTunes and highlight some of the new stuff that stand out and has replaced it (list below). Ben revisits Freakonomics and makes it our Audible pick again. Steve finally let’s us in on the Laura Secord Accord and we all toy with the idea of break out our Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Manual and 20 sided die one more time.

This Week in Shout Outs … PodCasting

  • The Art of Photography by Ted Forbes (RSSiTunes)
  • The Photography Show (RSSiTunes)
  • Dan Benjamin’s the Talk Show with John Gruber (RSSiTunes)
  • The Pipeline (RSSiTunes)

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