Bell Canada Gives The Great White Shaft to Data Users

Bell Canada to charge $10 tariff for HSPA+ access? « Boy Genius Report:

“BGR has just obtained a memo that indicates Bell customers will have to fork over a $10 per month premium for access to the company’s HSPA+ wireless network.”

This story really pissed me off this morning, especially after reading last week’s report that we are already getting the The Great White Shaft by paying some of the highest cell phone rates in the world. But not Bell, it seems to think it’s ok to charge it’s users $8.95 service access fee (idiot tax) and now an additional $10 to get the full speed of what you’re already paying $8.95 for in the first place. The service access fee was set up so they could get us to pay for network improvements and now it’s just another fee they’ve already accounted for elsewhere so they’re charging us again to unlock the Bandwidth they’re already throttling. And account flag in a database should never be the stumbling point in allowing access to a technology your customers are already paying for.

By far, the worst part of this proposed fee is that on top of your $35 charge for data access on your mobile device or turbo stick, you will now have to pay $18.95 in bully money. Your $35 data access will now cost you $60.96 after taxes.

Anyone else thinks this sucks?


  1. I think it’s about time we take a page from the French and PROTEST. As Canadians we should, for once, band together and denounce this practice and hit them where it matters. Unfortunately, the alternative is no better, as the other guy is just as greedy. We’re just too nice and we’ll all just reach down and grab our ankles. I’ll start, hey Bell….enough!

    My decision is made…my Hell contract runs out mid December, regardless of the outcome, I’m leaving for good.

  2. Every time Netflix stutters and tells me my Internet Connection sucks, Bell’s lifeline get’s shorter. I’m one bad rain storm during a Saturday night Habs Game away from cancelling it all.