Some Great Deals and Stuff

A couple of weeks ago I thanked you all for subscribing to our Dadcast in iTunes, becoming a fan of our Facebook page and, of course, reading and commenting on our posts. We really do appreciate the support you give. It’s one thing to review our stats of iTunes downloads and web site pageviews, but it’s a whole other thing to read your comments and emails. So we reviewed the stuff we like and support and dug around the web to came up with some good deals for you.


First off, the DadCast is now sponsored by Audible. This means that if you sign up to an Audible Gold account from our site, not not only will you get a free book, but you get the first 6 month at half price. That’s only $7.49 a book. Pretty sweet deal huh? Want to know more? Check out our Audible page:


Next, we know you like you Geek tees just as much as we do so we’ve partnered up with J!NX and can now offer you the same cool “Kinghts who say NI!” tees in sizes up to 4XL from only 17.99 a shirt.

The Knights who say Ni

We’ll keep scouring the InterWebs for good deals but don’t worry about 2Fat Dads becoming the online version of the West Edmonton Mall. If we don’t use a something ourselves we won’t back it on this site.

And finally Stuff!

When we put the DadCast together, we’re always collecting links to the cool stories and along the way we find some some either truly bizarre stuff or simply some really good stories from other sites. We’ve been collecting these links, video, photos and quotes on a Tumblr site: and now we’re making that available for you too. Follow the site directly from your Tumblr dashboard, add us to your RSS feed reader like Google Reader or & Outlook 2007 or simply just hit us up using the [STUFF] link above. You’re welcome to comment, like, fave, reblog, retweet or ignore as you please. Going forward, we’ll be tagging links with DadCast show numbers to you can easily view all the links we mention.

And we’re not done yet, there’s more goodness to come…