Dear Steve, Where’s my I5 MacBook Pro?

Guinness is Goodness

Dear Steve,

I have been a pretty loyal FanBoy / Apologist / Web Developer for the past 4 years. In fact, I was one of first Wintel Geeks North of the Border to switch to the new super cool Intel MacBooks. Despite the cooling issues, replacing the logic board a couple of times  and the slight discolouring of the palm rest, I could not have been a happier switcher. From Tiger to Leopard to Snow Leopard my MacBook performed quicker and quicker with every OS release, sure I upgraded the RAM and Hard Drive over the years, but I’ve done this with every other computer I have ever bought.

For the record, this site, design and code, were built using my white MacBook. Our Dadcast podcast is also recorded  and produced using this MacBook. In fact, every picture I shoot with my Pentax K200d is developed in Aperture and quite a few are uploaded for sharing on  Flickr and MobileMe.  I even re-edited my wedding video in iMovie and converted many PAL 8mm home movies thanks to FireWire and iMovie.

So as you can see I’ve really enjoyed using the MacBook and have been thoroughly pushing its limits for a few years now. So I have now come to terms with the fact  that it’s time to upgrade. Thanks in part to a healthy tax return and some generous visitors to this site, I am now ready to step it up and get a 15 inch MacBook Pro (with Applecare). Only it would seem that you are holding back on releasing the refreshed MacBook Pros with I3 and I5 mobile chips: this is killing me. I’m hearing awful reports that you won’t even launch them until after the iPad launch. Although the iPad will be great for my Dad who can not be trusted with a full blown keyboard  laden laptop just to read his newspaper and consults a few websites, it won’t actually be of any use to me as a web developer, my iPod Touch (iPad Nano) is more than enough for those times when it’s just inconvenient to take out the MacBook.

It is also my understanding that you don’t always reply to these open letters or emails so I will simply be hitting the refresh key with my Visa card on the site until that magical day when I will the little yellow post-it on the homepage to the Apple Store.

PS I wanted to take a better picture of the MacBook  but my camera is not back from repairs yet, see previous post: Jamais Deux Sans Trois


Johnny LeCanuck
The Great White North of Canada.