This All New GREEN iMac is 100% Recyclable

The new Green iMac is 100% Recyclable

OK so it’s just a prototype… But in all honesty my daughter’s sense of imagination and ability to create some amazing stuff is mind boggling. The remote to Squawkers MacGraw doubles as a multi-button mouse and is apparently Bluetooth as well as solar powered…

And all this got me thinking about GREEN computing and the recent Apple Ads about the impact the new MacBooks will have on the Planet ERF. I am sure that Apple’s changes will eventually trickle down to the Dell and Lenovo’s and maybe even to Asus, Acer and the netbook gang. But how long will it take and what are we really doing with the of the other laptops we collectively ditch on an alarming annual basis. I, for one, have had quite a ferw Windoes Lappies from Dell over the last few years. The speed increases and requirements for new RAM are insane in the development industry. And of course I want the new machine with the Camera and the Bluetooth and the better non-exploding Some Recycling Proceduresbattery. The big problem is that this all ads up. (View my previous post about The Story of Stuff). Here at work, we do have a policy of recycling our higher end laptops down the line from developers to techs then sales and support staff. I must admit that if I worked in support or sales, I would be a little  annoyed at getting a machine that a tech has journeyed with for a year: think about all the the bumps, the stickers and the missing keys… Not to mention the state of the hard drive.

So when I think about the the new ads, I wonder how many people are thinking: “Well, if my laptop is so bad for the environment, maybe I should just keep it a little longer. Maybe I’ll upgrade.” The way we have spent ourselves into a hell hole, this attitude probably won’t change. It just pains me to see that much computing power, more computing power than we needed to reach the moon, go into a land fill so toxic that we will eventually wish it was on the moon.
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On a personal note, I have had the same first Gen Intel MacBook for almost 3 years now, we bought a second hand Mac Mini and will continue to use a media centre for many years. The Dell it replaced was over 10 years old. It’s not in a landfill yet, I’m just considering the environmental impact of using it as a NAS and letting it FOLD@HOME.