Bell TV == FAIL!

Bell TV == FAIL

I missed the Habs game last night, as I was up on the roof for three hours trying to strap down the dish that got blown out of place in the strong winds of Wednesday night. I don’t think I would have been nearly anywhere near as I mad had I not seen this:
Bell TV == FAIL
The blue 3/4 inch screws are Bell’s, the red strapping and brass bolt are my temp job as I didn’t know how to disconnect the wires and take the whole thing down.

Have a look at the size of the screws and how they were mounted into the mortar and not the brick… These days this kind of crappy workmanship is the Bell Standard and not the exception… Needless to say I missed the Habs game. OTA Free Digital, here we come.
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Used Adobe Bridge & CS3 on the Dell e6400 for this one and the RAW import is pretty powerful, but the Flickr uploader plugin doesn’t convert it to jpg before sending. So it’s a three step process that can be done in one on the MacBook using Aperture. I’ll figure this thing out soon enough! At least the colours aren’t all washed out.