My GaryFong Puffer is BrokeH!

GarryFong Puff No More

My Gary Fong Puffer is BrokeH! (All puns intended)I bought this flash Puffer last week after receiving many recommendations from friends on Flickr and as well as help from the Staff of my local photo store. However as I removed the puffer from the hot shoe of my K200d after taking some nice pictures of my sons in the morning light, I noticed that the shoe footing had snapped. I could not believe it. I am really hoping they will just replace the broken black mount as in the short time I have had this diffuser, I have taken some really nice photos and recommended the puffer to another 5 dSLR users. I really hope they make me proud as I think this little start up has some great products.

This is one of the Puffer pics:
Notice how nicely the puffer fills light in during the magical sunset hour, rather than just blast a harsh rectangle of light at poor Guy’s face.

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I got a fantastic email from Brian at Gary Fong this morning (day after the original post) offering to replace the mount at no cost. I will probably post a picture of the mount as it comes in, un-boxing style to and I will definitely be blogging about the level of service Brian and the team at Gary Fong have shown in picking this up from my random Flickr picture. I had also sent an email, but Brian’s email came from Flickr.