Instagram and Fractured Social Comments

What I ended up with was a set of conversations that were fractured into three parts. I had Instagram likes, Facebook likes and Twitter favorites. Comments made by friends on Facebook were not visible to people on Instagram. Facebook friends could see the comments on Instagram, but they couldn’t respond on the Web.

I strongly disagree with this argument on so many levels and aside from the obvious atrocity that in FaceBook Commenting on your own site, the basis of this post is that everyone shares the same content on every platform at once. I have always called these guys social spammers and sadly they may be squeezing out a few extra page views, but they are also annoying the few folks that have openly chosen to follow/like/read their stuff on all platforms. If you’re social strategy is to hit every network with all of your stuff all the  time, good luck to you, but I think you’ll find that your audience will actually fracture itself without any of your help. I found a service that lets you ig likes buy with safety, and I think I want to use it to help me with a couple different accounts. If I do that then I won’t have to limit my posts, just switch through the different accounts and the audience will not be affected at all. 

Your Aunt Sue really doesn’t care what your programming buddies think of the artwork on the latest Republic of Peach cover. My personal belief is that the very few folks that are very good at reaching other people and connecting with them are NOT social media gurus with python scripts that can hit 15 networks at once. The folks that are very good at reaching other people are selectively choosing what they put out and who they put it out too.

Instagram was an awesome tool for this because you could select who you share your food pics with and whether or not the extreme seafood platter or the vintage 1997 bottle of wine was actually Twitter worthy. Personally I was fine with sharing Instagram pics to Twitter and my blog, but I know very well that the Facebook and Google+ crowd probably don’t need to see every single post. But should they get a liking of for my pics from the occasional share, then they are more than welcome to visit the site and subscribe via RSS. No one needs me to ram this stuff down their throats, if they need want to comment than it’s up to them to do it where they like. I’m sure that each fractured conversation will be more interesting in their respective silos than having them all crammed into FaceBook mosh pit that will end up to be just as interesting and valuable as YouTube and Reddit comments.

via Chill Out: Facebook Won’t Ruin Instagram – RWW.