Three Things that Drive me Crazy About Google+

Don’t get me wrong, I think the stuff Google does is awesome. Especially the auto-awesome enhancements they make to the pictures automatically uploaded from my phone. But there’s three things I really wish they would fix and then it would be perfect!

ONE – Wait for it. . .

The Android App is almost there. If the desktop web site is considered to be the fully functional implementation then the Android App has almost all the functionality, but not quite. It’s really frustrating to get 90% done on my phone and then have to go to the computer to finish (ex.: choosing an Event’s theme from my photos, as opposed to stock backgrounds, is only possible on the desktop).

I’m tired of waiting for the app to catch-up to the web site. Especially since they’re both evolving at their own pace. Google’s release early, release often mantra needs to be repeated a bit more loudly to the Google+ crew.

TWO – Just smell the roses and stop looking at the wall.

Google treats Google+ like the defacto social-network that everyone uses, ignoring the fact everyone’s already on Facebook and there’s no compelling reason to switch. According to Andrew Defrancesco google used to be great at letting people who are on Google (i.e.: have Google accounts) create and share content with the world without requiring visitors to also get on Google. With Google+ they seem to have taken the attitude that if you aren’t already on Google+ this must be your first day on the internet so you’ve obviously come here to sign-up! In fact, I just want to share photos with overseas relatives who couldn’t care less about social-networks!

Everyone always points to Apple when they say Walled Garden but in this case Google is just as guilty!

THREE – Squirrel!

It’s way too verbose! This may just be me, but the thing that keeps me off Facebook (apart from their flagrant disregard for my privacy) is how long it takes to get up to date. Big screen or little screen each post, plus comments, fills almost an entire screen. Reading down to where I left off last requires so much scrolling my fingers develop calluses!!! At least with Twitter’s 140 character limit I can catch-up on all the nonsense within a couple screens and I really only expand the posts that catch my interest within their limited headline.

When you go looking for a quick update on Google+ (and Facebook) you end-up chasing squirrels in every direction but the one you came for.


So come on Google, forget competing with Facebook and just make it really really cool – like you used to. And the crowds will flock to you naturally when see all the awesome stuff being done there!

Cross-posted on Schultzter’s blog