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  1. Actually, the sad truth about that article is that HP finally got it right when they sold the TouchPad for $99. Now if they just included Cyanogen’s Android mod out-of-the-box they’d have a real hit!!!

    And Amazon might get it right too when they sell the Fire for $300 and include all the Amazon services.  I’m not sure what that means for us Canucks – SOCAN, et al. will probably demand so much in royalties Amazon would have to charge $1000 (annually 🙂 for the rights to bundle all their content – but we’ll see if we get the full Fire experience or a crippled one once they get around to us.

    I think the Asus Transformer is a brilliant idea.  But I just can’t figure out why a 10.1″ tablet costs two or three times as much as a 10.1″ netbook!