DadCast Episode 30 • Now With More Rawness

DadCast Rig Season III Version
Nearly Live From the Wendyhouse Studios of Valois Bay…

This week the Dads celebrate the Episode 3-0 milestone by completely throwing the show notes out the window as they start talking about Steph’s ice rink plans and then proceed to take the first left turn to Ratholeville, population: 4 lost Dads.
Some of the topics they did touch on: Backyard ice rinks, renewable energy, the grid, wood racks, Google Zurich office vs Google Montreal office vs Ubisoft Montreal office, WoW, Blizard’s Diablo I, II & the upcoming II not to mention geeking out on the Bugatti Veron hitting 407km/h with Captain Slow, James May, at the wheel.

Jeremy Clarkson Ariel Atom

Google Zurich has a slide, and an awesome office

Google Montreal is also a pretty cool place to work (hint hint)

Photo Shoot of Robocop Kid in Detroit

Bugatti Veyron hits 407km/h even with Captain Slow at the Wheel.

On this week’s show:
Francois Fortier, Stephane Denault, Steven McGurn and Ben Bilodeau.

Once again we’d like to thank this week’s sponsor Audible for helping to make the show possible.

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  1. So basically Hydro Quebec will allow you to maintain a Zero balance but will never allow you to make any money from any wind mills on your farm or solar panels on the your roof of your business. And of course you’re not allowed to run an extension cable to your neighbours and feed them either. Smells like a monopoly to me.

  2. Oh I know, and I pretty much took that stance in the show too. Hydro is truly a leader in Hydro Electric Innovation and we should be quite proud of what they have become, but some things like not being able to sell into the grid and killing the electric car project just bug me a lot. Maybe we should finally do a green show?