Johnny Canuck’s Holiday Reading List

So what am I reading these days?

The holidays are coming up and if their is a special geek in your life, you might want to pick up copy of some of my geek favourites. If you use the links below, you’ll be taken to Amazon.CA and your purchase will help to keep The 2 Fat Dads servers running and our diaper fund full.

What Would Google Do
by Jeff Jarvis

I really enjoyed this book, Jeff Jarvis really opens your eyes on what Google has been doing doing all these years and why they are such an important player in today new social and open world

The Wisdom of Crowds
by James Surowiecki

Every Geek knows that this Web 2.0 thing isn’t all that new, but this book is a must read for anyone who uses sites like Twiiter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Digg. Consider it a 101 book about how it all works and how crowd sourcing has always been around.

The Salmon of Doubt
by Douglas Adams and Stephen Fry

This is posthumus 3 book and last book in the Dirk Gently`s Holistic FDetective Agency series. It’s brilliantly introduced by Stephen Fry. The book is chock full of superb lines from Douglas Adams that ring true with just about any geek and or gadget enthusiast:

We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works. How do you recognise something that is still technology? A good clue is if it comes with a manual.

The Art of the Start
by Guy Kawasaki

I’ve mentioned Guy Kawasaki’s book on Entrepreneurship before on the DadCast and I follow his Power Point techniques everyday. This book was great read must read for any project manager, independent developer, and entrepreneur.

by Ben Thompson

This one has been sitting on the beside all week waiting for me to have a few free hours because I know that once I start it I won’t be able to put it down again.

An unstoppable collection of the most hardcore figures who ever strapped on chain mail and ran screaming into battle

Throughout history—from the bone-crushing age of antiquity to the sack-tearing modern era—there have been larger-than-life ass-kickers with a natural talent for unleashing their epic bloodlust on anyone who crossed them. They built empires, smashed armies, and ravaged civilizations for wealth, glory, and ultimate supremacy. Sometimes villains, sometimes heroes, sometimes criminally insane, they had one thing in common: They were all . . . Badass!

So these five books that I’m pretty sure any Geek and Fat Dad will love to sink they teeth into over the Holidays as the kids are happily playing with the shiny stuff that blinks goes whir.