I Squish Your Head: Making the Shot

TK315: I Squish Your Head!

Every once in a while, we have a little time on your hands over lunch but can’t can’t out because of the rain. So from time to time, we’ll whip out the Lego mini-figs and set up a shot.   Toys and Macro shots are not particularly hard to shoot but being geeks and Lego-maniacs we like to do things properly.

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Squishy the Making of a Shot

Photo taken by @Burg42 with his Canon 40D

So we broke out the the flash puffer to properly diffuse the light and made should we shot the pick with some big fast glass that would keep the entire shot is  focus without blurring in a shallow depth of field. I’ve got this nice SMC Pentax FA-J 18-35mm lens, that works remarkable well at close range. It’s fully automatic, so the TTL can properly judge the distance and set the light properly. Of course the puffer will diffuse the harsh block of light that on board flashes tend to pulse out.

The cool thing about this shoot was finally getting to use the Gorillapod for an actual shot. The infinite levels of adjustably are really quite amazing. A full blown tripod could not allow you to get close enough to the coffee maker in order to take this shot properly and shooting handheld would just be too unstable.  Now the Tassimo, in fact any round stainless steel surface,  makes for excellent set pieces as  it looks like it truly does belong on either the Death Star or a Star Fleet transporter bay.

Well that’s how we put our shot together. I’m not sure how useful it is to any of you but if it has, you’re more than welcome to post your shot in the comments or tell us where to find it on Flickr.