Firefox Renders Like Crap

Firefox Renders Like Crap
The proof is in the pudding… The middle image was rendered by Firefox 3 on Windows XP and it looks all washed out. To the left is the original RAW processed to JPG in CS3 Bridge and the right most picture is in Safari for Windows. Which actually looks the most like the original…

The render issue is the same on the Firefox for Mac Os X. Which is what led me to believe the issue was a Firefox problem and not an issue with the Flickr uploadr tool or the actual Flickr site. The most annoying part is that I spent the good part of two weeks trying all kinds of different uploading and raw processing combinations to work. At one point, I was about to go back to only shooting in JPG as this is when you see the least amount of colour wash out, probably because JPG are so compressed to begin with that you never notice the full rich colours as you do in RAW.

Mozilla crew, please fix this, as I don’t think I can use Flickr without all the neat Greasemonkey Scripts.
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