Bell Canada Sells Video Online As ISP Throttling Continues

Ars Technica has a brilliant article about how absurd the Net Neutrality issue has become in Canada. I am now officially ashamed to be a content producing Web Professional in a country where official government regulators take it up the backside for big companies and make sure the consumer gets the shaft.

Launching a video store in such a climate is guaranteed to bring out the (justified or not) conspiracy theories. In fact, only a day after the announcement, those theories are running rampant round the ‘Net. The Globe & Mail’s Jack Kapica even posted a roundup of them last night on his blog, and he called the Canadian reaction to the news “loud and immediate.”

We’ve already noted that the P2P throttling issue is leading to a “net neutrality showdown” in Canada, so it’s simply amazing to watch as Bell takes one of the guns from its holster, points it right at the tip of its boot, and blasts away. Limping into a gunfight with a fraction of your available ammo isn’t a strategy for victory, but we’ll have to wait another couple of months to see whether the move will incense regulators in the same way it has the blogosphere.

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