Newton 2 – Yeah I could go for that.

This rumour is really starting to take some legs. And to tell you the truth, I’m starting to think it’s a pretty good idea.

Daniel Eran Dilger
Apple’s WiFi mobile platform, represented by the iPhone and iPod touch, appears to echo elements the history of the company’s Newton MessagePad from a decade ago. This time, as a decade ago, Apple engineered a highly specialized device and integrated software while the company’s PC competitors lined up rival products that were largely gutless, impractical, instant eWaste units powered by software inappropriate for use in a mobile device. Here’s a historical comparison of the mid 90s Newton with today’s iPhone platform, leading up to what can be drawn about the future of Apple’s mobile WiFi platform compared to the Asus EEE PC and similar devices.

So far this “Electronic Computer” lead is the best one bit of investigative rumour blogging I had read this week. My favourite part is the mention of:

Additionally, 67 of the containers were destined for Canada, landing in Vancouver, BC.