RIM Isn’t Going Anywhere… Literally!

“Our checks indicate that current demand is poor: BlackBerry 7 devices are now close to six months old, and our checks suggest that the initial enthusiasm post launch has tailed off,” the analyst wrote. “We model 11 million unit volumes in FYQ4, at the low end of the guidance range. Management’s aggressive marketing campaign, targeted for the U.S., appears not to have been as effective as hoped. BlackBerry 7 devices remain expensive comparatively and the once popular 8520 is going end of life.”

I keep hearing how RIM have plenty of money and aren’t going anywhere. The problem is that they are LITERALLY GOING NOWHERE. They have gone down as far as they can without being the victim of a Hostile/Pitty Take-Over and they are certainly not going up either… Worse yet is that the projected roadmap is a sure sign you can expect more of the same inertia for the rest of the year.

(Although, I really do hope that I will be proven wrong)

via ‘BGR on RIM: ‘Grim and getting grimmer’.