Google’s Dropbox competitor will reportedly launch in April

Google Platypus G-Drive

The famed, mysterious G-Drive is apparently finally coming to the internet! There have long been reports since 2006 that the G-Drive, used internally at Google as Platypus, was coming. It’s hard to imagine that the initial, free, limit is 1 GB when services like Drop Box offer 2 GB and Sugar Sync offers 5 GB. Even Microsoft’s Sky Drive offers 25 GB (at least through certain partners) so why would Google only offer 1 GB?

Still, I like the idea of Google offering a cloud storage service. Of course it will integrate Google’s other services, like photos from Picasa Web, music, documents, books, and others. We’ll probably even be able to send files directly from our GMail account; and of course share them via Google+ (if you’re into that kind of thing).

And let’s not forget the Android integration! Of course Google needs that to put something on the plate to compete with Microsoft’s Sky Drive (on their Windows phones and tablets) and Apple’s iCloud.

So let’s line-up our files and get our internet connections ready, the uploading is about to begin!

Source: Boy Genius Report

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