Ihnatko on the 2007 iPhone

When a thing sets off my Spidey-Sense like that it means This is effing brilliant. I’ve never seen anything like it, but I’m certain that this marks a real moment of history.

This is one of my favourite quotes on what the Steve Jobs keynote actually did the mobile phone industry. I was working as for a cell phone dealer for enterprise customers, I had been using a Palm Treo and BlackBerry Pearl (my 4th BB). I had become incredibly intimate with smartphone OS and UI and even though I had yet to even touch the iPhone, I knew that there was nothing on the market or in the works that would ever come close to how slick and intuitive the experience was.

By the time I finally got to use one that summer (Canucks were never going to officially get the original iPhone), I put the Treo back in the drawer forever and struggled along with a BB and an iPod Touch until our partner carrier would get an official iPhone 3GS, trying very hard not to show my corporate customers that I wasn’t rocking with RIM anymore. Funny enough, they were never as discreet with their own iToys.

Via Inhatko