Bringing Apple Back to the Classroom

I’m quite anxious about this one as I grew up with Macs in school. This was a very good thing and I wish my kid’s school would do the same instead of proliferating old loud beige boxes that no one wanted at home. If they weren’t good enough for your kids at home, why it is any better in a class room of 25-30 impatient kids.

Now the New York press event slated for next week is rumoured to be about Textbooks and for me and my kids this is even more important. My 10 year needs a backpack on wheels as her reference material is so big and heavy. I would love nothing more than for my kids to take an iPad to and from school, do their reading and homework and be able to look up stuff on a device that weighs less than just one of their hardcover textbooks. To my parents, it might fell very Sci-Fi but for my kids who already use the iPad at home, it will simply feel normal.

via | The Verge.

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