Neven Mrgan on Apple TV with Siri

But the idea that Siri would be the main interface of Apple TV is as silly as making Siri the main UI for the iPad. Siri is good at letting the user submit hard-to-categorize, multi-part, uncertain inputs in the most expressive and effortless way we humans have: spoken language. I think TV mainly revolves around a different kind of input: direct, immediate commands.

Neven Gets it!  The Apple TV is one of those things that can be some many other things that having multiple interfaces to it is import. Muting, Pausing and shutting the TV off all make sense. But the remote app also it’s place when the AppleTV is being used as remote speakers, go and choose the best tv mounts for your tv system. I think this one has been very hard for Apple to crack as it has meant having to redefine something that most of  us have been doing the same way for over 40 years.

But Neven is on to something. It’s worth watching this space.

via Apple TV with Siri – Neven Mrgan’s tumbl.