Apple Speculation Hype Cycle: iPhone 4S edition

When similar reports have surfaced in the past, pundits often speculated that Apple initially over-orders to ensure appropriate volume is available, then it cuts back on those orders to adjust for realistic sales estimates. It is unclear if this is the case with the iPhone 4S, presuming DigiTimes’ report is accurate.

If you read the Steve Job biography, you would know this is true.  Another case of non-news posts trying to knock Apple off it’s top spot or weaken the stock price.


  • Apple is sitting close to $400.00
  • RIM is at a super low of $18.84, Google and Microsoft stock are diluted by other products they make
  • The iPhone is the most profitable phone (52%) despite its 4% overall mobile market share

let’s not get too excited simply because Apple reserved a lot of stock on purpose.

via Apple slashes Q4 iPhone 4S orders on weaker than expected demand.