Why I Love Indie MAc.Apps!


This little snippet of conversation, which I hope Julien Smith doesn’t mind me using to prove a point here, is exactly why I love the slew of awesome indie apps available for Mac OS X.

Whether, it’s other apps from Ambrosia, Rogue Amoeba or Panic, reactions and immediate feedback from the likes of Daniel Jalkut and Cabel Sasser are exactly the kind of support Apple software users have been accustomed to over the years. The community spirit that Mac developers seem to nurture are just as strong motives as the cool hardware that Apple builds for us to use them on.

We refer to this a lot on the DadCast: Good Customer Service is what keeps us coming back for more. I’ve personally reached out to Daniel on more than one occasion and have always gotten great help and very timely responses, it does help that Daniel always seems to be on Twitter but still his use of it as a support channel is fantastic. When I think about how much I paid for MarsEdit compared to what I paid for Adobe CS5 or MS Office 2011, I value the time he puts into my responses even more and when upgrade time rolls around, you can bet that I will not only be ready with my PayPal account but will gladly be spreading the word about what an awesome App it is.

In fact I write almost exclusively for 2FatDads using MarsEdit, unfortunately the DadCast still requires me to use our WordPress web interface. And If I get all the Dads to use and Mac and then muster up enough sponsorship, I would probably make MarsEdit the default editor, it’s just that good.