DadCast Episode 34 • Like, Cataclysmic WoW

The All new Adventures of Toaster-Ben

Nearly Live From the Wendyhouse Studios of Valois Bay…

In this first of a two part mini-series: Mononque is Tweeting and up for the cataclysm. Google needs more presence on the web and the TSA fails the American Thanksgiving screening. Maybe their plan of action was put on the web by Wikileaks, the ultimate representation of stupidity. Couldn’t they have been targeted for DoS?!?

A special thanks to J!nx for their support of the DadCast:

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  1. FYI..I don’t think the consumer plans of any carrier are still charging the System Access Fee (SAF) for about a year now. Corporate plans could be different (mine still charges the SAF).

  2. If you’re interested in Groupon check-out They were featured on Dragon’s Den and they have some pretty interesting deals – although none in the West Island so far.

  3. Hmmm, Groupon sounds exactly like except that TeamBuy is available in Montreal. Otherwise it’s the same deal – minimum number of participants required, mostly spas and restaurants, and mostly downtown.

  4. I guess I’m done live-tweeting this episode of the @2FatDads dad cast, I assume my copy of WoW Cataclysm will be under the x-mas tree so we can all meet-up at Stonehenge (or whatever it’s called) later on the 25th. I assume we can chat (i.e.: talk like on Skype) in WoW? Can we also record what’s on the screen and broadcast it via Ustream?!

  5. It is possible to chat in WoW. Most users use Ventrilo. It is possible to capture images and video in the game. Not sure you’ll get your copy for Xmas, use the trial account and if you get hooked, maybe Santa will come…