DadCast Episode 31 • Old Detroit Needs a New Lawyer

Old Detroit Needs a New Lawyer

Nearly Live From The Wendyhouse Studio of Valois Bay…

On this weeks show we shout out to the Cupcake Camp Montreal crew before touching back on the RoboCop kid picture and the recent take down notice. Also we review the new Google apps, HotPot, Baraza, and Somehow and at some point in the show Ben’s technical problems steers us towards the recent changes in airport security and the TSA’s aggressive pat-down policy. At this point the show kind of unglues itself we end up twirling metal tapes on bic pens waxing on about “The Talk” all good dads must have with their kids.

See you at Cupcake Camp!

The Dads are making an appearance at this year’s CupcakeCamp Montreal this weekend, Nov 21, form 1-5 at the Fairmount Queen Elisabeth Hotel, Montreal. We hope to see you there, we’ll be the ones with too many kids and helping out with the mics an webcams.

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