FaceTime on the Desktop? Yes Please!

FaceTime For Mac

FaceTime Set to Come to Mac OS X and Windows?:

“To begin, iLife ’11, which we announced this summer (with the disappearance of iDVD) , could finally come out very very soon. In addition, it is rumored that Apple is preparing to leave FaceTime for Mac and PC, the Mac version coming to settle down in the iChat software.”

If this is in fact true, I could see us leaving Skype behind once and for all for the DadCast recordings. The quality of sound and video in iChat has always been superb with very little latency. However, the biggest problem with iChat is trying to find other people with Mac’s and and MobileMe / AOL account. Getting a client for Mac OS X and for windows would be a huge boost it needs to compete with the established players like Skype and now Google Voice.