Flacking the Flicks – Intro.

This is the working title I’ll be using for articles that will deal with the Entertainment Industry as a whole (henceforth known as The ‘Dust).  From Big Screen movies to DVDs,  Television shows and Internet Media, I’ll add my grain of salt (oh-hum) to an already existing Critics Community Shaker.  Unlike a certain well known member of said Community, I don’t have a prestigious award to back-up my claims/opinions of irrelevance or just plain stupidity by the players in the ‘Dust.  I’ll just bitch and moan my 12 bucks worth and occasionally give a well deserved pat on the back !  I haven’t devised a rating system yet but I’ll come up with something.

BTW, I will not, ever, discuss Celebs Antics in this blog. If you want/need that to feel alive, type Perez in a decent search engine and go away.  You will not find vicarious parasitism here.

As I’m committed to my home renovs these days, entries will not be on a weekly basis but I’ll try hard to get something out there.  As a matter of course and as always, don’t take my words literally, see for yourself.