Backyard skating rink

I’ve decided to host the Canadiens for a game this season… Ok, so maybe the neighbourhood kids are better than the Canadiens and they deserve a place to play that mom can approve of. I’ve got the room, I’ve got the hose, I’ve even got the flood lights, all I need now is the plastic film and some really cold weather…. maybe I should post this one later when people are hating the fall and getting closer to the ever-short Xmas holidays (or for the non-denominational people out there, the late December vacations from work).

My plan is to get a 10’x100′ plastic film, cut it in two and make a 20’x50′ rink… I think my yard is big enough; worse case, I’ll knock down the neighbours fence and give him the opportunity to join in the fun!

I’ll keep you posted on my success/lessons learned. Stay tuned!