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2 of the Fat Dads
Our inaugural 2FatDads podcast is now available for download. This week Francois Fortier, Eric Schultz, Fat Old BlackBerriesSteven McGurn and Stephane Denault welcome you to the Wendyhouse Studios of Valois Bay where they discuss the Apple iPhone 3GS, the TomTom 720, McAuslan beers and some chatter about twitter.

We should note that all of the beers consumed before during and after this recording where brewed in Montreal by McAuslan Breweries and acquired from the finest dépanneur on Valois Bay, Marché La Violette.
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Another Proud 2FatDads Production


  1. The editing is really good, the sound quality is really clear.

    But I’m afraid 1-hour is too long – I would have left a lot more of the podcast on the chopping room floor.

    How do you get the realted posts?

  2. You’re right an hour is too long, but I think we sounded good together and it really introduces us well. Think of it as the 1 Hour Season Premiere. We’re just gonna have to discipline our selves to being brief, bright and gone in 30 minutes form now on. I don’t really like to spend a lot of time editing.

    The related posts are from cool plug in called YARPP (Yet another related posted plug in) that scans all our posts for tags and keywords and then draws up this little list of most related posts.

  3. Sound quality is great….I even understand some of the stuff….actualy I understand very little! Lots of fun! Do I get a schedule for next braodcast? Al

  4. Thanks Al,

    We’re trying to get a DadCast out at least once every two weeks. We might have something to offer in between the regular shows too. The cool thing about podcasts is that if you subscribe via iTunes or any RSS reader like FireFox is that the shows will automatically show up or get downloaded every time we produce one. If you want to get a real time alert you can always sign up to the fan page on Facebook (there should be a button to the right on this screen) or follow @2fatdads on Twitter. We don’t have room for in studio guests yet, but trust me you’re better off listening to the edited version.