TaskBar Shuffle: Step One Cure for my OCD

I have been looking for a small Windows app that freeze the position of my icons on the desktop on Dell notebook even after I disconnect from my big 22 inch screen to go into meeting or to hook up projector. I actively use my desktop as a “cork board” as I try to gather all the items I will be using on any given task which requires a few files. However I also have a set of 20 icons which never change and always occupy the use the same space on the desktop, the only problem is that Windows would prefer to shuffle my icons randomly just to keep me busy. I you know of a tool that freezes a set of icons in place, please post the links in the comments.

One thing in I did find in my search was the cure for my second biggest Windows Pet Peeve: the insane task bar immovability. When Outlook crashes, OH we all know it does, you have to reopen and then it becomes the last item on the task bar. But if you have been clicking on the first item for the past 6 hours, suddenly your whole process gets disrupted. I know, I know! This is a little OCD, but I’m a Database guys and by nature of the job, I have become just a little obsessive, Just try and screw around with my data and you will see. On the MacBook, my OCD is taken care of politely, I line up my dock with my 15 or production tools, create a few stacks for the less used items and QuickSilver for anything else.

For Windows, half of obsessive compulsive behaviour has finally been taken care of by a neat little (262Kb) tool called TaskBar Shuffle from Jim over at the NerdCave. It looks like version 3 is on the way, however version 2.2 dated form June of 2007 is available and so far very reliable. Thanks for the hard work Jim.

Now if I can stop my icons from running a muck on my desktop.