iPhone Comes to Canada: Rogers Sales Tank Until Q4

Today “Robbers” have announced that they will be getting the Apple iPhone this year.

BoyGenius Reports

It took them long enough! Rogers has finally announced that it negotiated a deal with Apple to bring the coveted iPhone to Canada. Details are limited at this point but Rogers states that the popular Apple handset will be available to its subscribers “by the end of 2008”.

The way I read it: Rogers are shooting themselves in the foot as their sales will tank until Q4 as everyone hangs on to their crappy pre-3G Nokia’s and Sony Ericsson’s that little bit longer. If you are Telus or Bell, you should be breathing down RIM’s neck to get the 9000 series out before the end of Q2! From the specs I’ve read it will please enough would-be iPhone switchers to hold off the biggest number port in history since they aloud in March of 2007.

So if you are shopping for a new phone, hold off until the dust settles or until His Steveness clears the air.